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How much does a typical research project cost?
The cost of a research project varies as per its objectives, scope, and scale. every project requires additional research personnel which include but are not limited to research faculty, postdoctoral associates, graduate research assistants, and administrative assistants. We use state-of-the-art technology which includes a variety of wearable and environmental sensors. The costs of these devices vary according to their manufacturer, model number, function, etc. All these considerations make it difficult for us to provide a cost estimate for a research project without specific details. The UA IPWP team will work with you to discern your specific needs, and to tailor proposals for health and wellbeing research solutions to fit your requirements.
Do you provide design consulting services?
Yes. Our mission is to implement our research findings on health and wellbeing in all types of built and natural environments. We will work with you to structure a formal service agreement tailored to your specific design needs. This agreement will include a proposed project timeline, required personnel, and associated fees.
I would like to discuss a potential research or design collaboration with UA IPWP. How do I get in touch?
Please email us at with your inquiry. We will respond with additional questions and propose next steps.
Do you provide pro bono research or design consulting services?
The UA IPWP team currently doesn't have the resources to provide pro bono services for research or design consulting work. We are currently expanding and remain committed to our mission of advancing knowledge and understanding of the full spectrum of health and wellbeing through practice, outreach and partnering with design and planning experts, and with health care professionals, community leaders, private sector stakeholders, and policy-makers at all levels.
Do you speak publicly about your findings to potential stakeholders?
Yes, we are happy to speak to potential stakeholders and communities within the constraints of our time availability.
I am interested in pursuing courses or a degree program in health and wellbeing. Do you have any information regarding this?
We are currently developing a curriculum for a MS.Arch in Health and Built Environment (HBE) degree program in the UA School of Architecture, College of Architecture, Planning, and Landscape Architecture (CAPLA). Courses in this program, however, can also be taken as separate electives, starting Spring 2018. Please contact us for more information about course offerings, the MS.Arch-HBE degree program, and how to apply.
I represent a private company. Can you tell me more about partnering with UA IPWP for a potential project?
We are developing various models of partnership with private companies. Please contact us with your inquiry so that we can discuss collaboration possibilities.
Is UA IPWP developing new building standards that can influence policy at a local, regional, or national level?
Yes, our mission is to carry out research that can develop best practices and policies to optimize built environments for health and wellbeing. Our current research projects on workplace environments, for example, have the potential to improve the lives of millions of office workers and influence policy at local, regional, and national levels.

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